The weather is hot and girls are dressing less 

 Summer, summer, summertime!!   sorry I've got that Will Smith track on the brain.   It's not technically summer yet, but with all these trips to the beach it's sure feels like it :)  John, Andy and myself have been playing every Saturday and sunday in OBA at Turquoise Place... condos on the Gulf- poolside- lots of women in bikinis.  I can't say I don't enjoy the view!

This past weekend we sent another happy couple off to begin their lives together as husband and wife.  James and Ashley Lindsey were married Saturday and it was a humdinger of a party!  Everyone looked beautiful and we all had a great time.  Congratulations guys!

Special thanks to the Alabama Oilman's Golf Tournament for having us a Magnolia Grove this year.  The weather was perfect and the beer and bbq were a nice treat!  Thanks!

So on and on and on and on.. this weekend we'll be short one John Hamilton IV as he'll be in Texas celebrating his sister's birthday.  Jimbo Robinson joins us Friday at Dahlias Electric Piano Hall and Josh McNaughton plays drums Saturday at the Blue Gill.  Come out and see us tear it up with these funny, fill-in, fellows!  Josh and Jimbo are both great drummers and we're looking forward to playing with them.

Alright folks, PEEK-out.  Don't forget to come to a show and get a new PEEK bumper sticker.  They are $0.00 each and stick well to the rear ends cars, boats and people.

The good, the bad, and the double digits 

Whassup, Darlings? Chris here for a little update on Peek. We’ve been booking more shows, playing more shows, writing and learning new songs… wash, rinse, repeat.  Can you believe we've been doing this for so long?  This weekend should be a fun one. We’re back at the Blue Gill Friday night from 6-10. We’ll be celebrating our (unofficial) 10th birthday at the Brickyard downtown Saturday (10pm-2am). And Sunday we’ll be shaking off the hangovers and bad decisions with bloody marys and burgers at Callaghan’s 7-10.  An entire decade...sheesh!

A quick thanks to everyone who has been coming out to the shows lately. We’ve enjoyed rocking the Pub and Ravenite in Fairhope and will be back soon. We’ll also be exploring the Gulf with shows booked at Lulu’s and Happy Harbor in the following months. Can’t wait to see you there!

Unfortunately, I have to end this on a sadder note. Andy and I filled in with CORNBRED at the Flora-Bama for a few shows last week due to the tragic loss of their guitarist, Nick. Nick was a kind soul and a good spirit. He will truly be missed. Go out and show your support for Jon and the boys in their time of mourning.
I also have to send a farewell to our friend, J.D. Andy and I used to watch his band, Sucking Diction, at the Coffee House and Culture Shock in our younger days. J.D. was a mellow cat and a super nice guy. There are many folks in Mobile who hated to say goodbye to him.

So, as we say goodbye to our friends and brethren in music, we plug in, turn up, and play out in their memory. We may only be here for a moment, but the music lives on.

Let the 7Horse Run! 

Holy heros, Batman!?  Some of ya'll might remember that a few years back we got to open for the Low Millions (Leonard Cohen's son, John Mayer's guitarist).  That was a hell of an experience because we are big fans of their music and got to hang with them.  Well, it's happening again.  Peek will be opening for 7Horse at the Hangout on April 7.  If you don't know 7Horse, you should.  The band consists of Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt from the band Dada.  Dada was the super-awesome band from the nineties that sang "I'm Going to Disneyland".  Unfortunately, they never got the exposure they deserved.  I have all of their albums and love every second of all of them.  I can't wait for this show and I hope you guys will join us down at the beach!

So what's been going on lately?  Been playing at the IP Casino every Sunday (except that subdued set at the Garage after St. Patrick's Day).  Good times and good crowds.  If you're in Biloxi tonight, stop by and say hi.

Quick shout out to the folks at the Chrome Horse in Silverhill.  We played there last night and had a really good time.    Thanks to our eSho friends who came out and thanks to A.J. and the crew for being so hospitable.

Been demoing new tunes for... a new Peek album?  Let's hope so :) 

Take care ya'll, and keep coming out... we'll keep it rocking and sharing the cowbell! 

Bittersweet Weekend 

What's up Peeklin's?  I'm sure by now everyone's heard the sad news of Hank Becker's passing.  He was fine human being and musician and will be missed greatly.  Our drummer John had been working with him on a new album of original tunes and hopefully we in the community can help bring his vision to life in the future.  It will ultimately come down to Hank's family and their wishes.  Either way, I have talked to many fellow musicians who are all happy and willing to lend a hand.

On a brighter note, there was a lot celebration this weekend.  I played a solo show Friday night and did a few numbers from back in the Jus' Gumbo days.  For the first time in 2 weeks I was able to sing with my entire voice (that pneumonia ain't no joke, folks!)  Kinda felt like the spirit of some of our lost Mobile brothers and sisters were all around.  Very magical
Saturday the band played for Natalie and Brian Allen (please tell me I got the names right- I'm sleepy and have a muddy memory!)  All I can say is- their wedding was OFF THE CHAIN.  Everyone looked beautiful and partied like it was the last night on earth.  Did not feel like a wedding at all-- more like a sweaty, rockin whiskey bar (that's a compliment to Brian, Natalie and all of their guests, by the way!)  I hope my next few weddings are that much fun .

Sunday it was back to the casino in Biloxi, MS for some jambling.  Don't ask what jambling is.  All I can say is that it's a lot of fun but financially it's a wash (!)  Great crowd at the Chill Lounge... very attentive to all our soft alternative music from the 90's.

Welp, that's all for now folks.  Hope to see ya'll this weekend either at the Zebra Club Friday or the Garage Sunday... or both.  So long as we see you!  Take care and be kind while there's still breath in your lungs.


P.S. in case you didn't know, Big Head Todd & the Monsters are playin tonight at the Soul Kitchen.  More sweet than bitter?  bitter than sweet?
P.P.S. quick question-- should we play the pride festival/parade in Mobile?  we've been offered a slot with a couple of other bands.  None of us in Peek are gay, but we're all very happy all the time.  I think it might be fun-- especially if I get to wear the hat with all the fruit on it.  SNACKS!!!

Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu 

Oh my GAW... being sick is the pits! Especially when you want to rock out :( Thanks to everyone who came out to Veet's the week before last. I have to apologize for my condition... I was dying on stage and not very entertaining. A special thanks to Brian Graves who filled in for Andy Friday and Saturday and Tony Bowers and Eric Erdman who filled in for me Sunday night. A few cancelled solo shows, about a week in bed and a boatload of antibiotics and thankfully I feel much better! Last Friday, Andy and I played acoustically at the Blue Gill to a nice evening crowd. And Saturday the band did about an hour at the ACS Chili Cook-off. We were very grateful the weather cooperated. Thanks to all who came out to support such a good cause. I looked out and saw many familiar faces in the crowd... always a pleasant time when that happens. Hmmm. What else, what else? Oh yeah... back to the casino in Biloxi. We played the IP Sunday and had a great time. Ran into multi instrumentalist David Jernigan (of Open Mic w/ Dave and Dave)... looking forward to going back this weekend.

Once again, thanks for coming out and hanging with us as we rebuild our little band :) And thanks for putting up with my coughing fits on stage... what can I say- I'm human. I get sick sometimes?! Ya'll keep coming back and I'll keep taking my vitamin C!

-Chris P.

P.S. I'll try to post some pictures and video from the Chili Cook off soon. If you missed it, we were joined onstage by the Michelin man, the USA Jaguar mascot and a Kangaroo in a referee jersey.  I couldn't make that up if I tried.

Mardi Gras and the Garage 

Shew... I think I've seen more of the Garage this Mardi Gras than I have of the parades! But that’s cool... The Garage has some killer hole-in-the-wall charm. And we never cease to have a good time there. So thanks to all who came out last Thursday to support Peek and the polka dots. Maybe next year we’ll be back on the bill for their ball. Of course we'll be wearing protective gear this time because some of those polka dots BITE! hahaha

The band won’t be playing as a whole again until after Fat Tuesday. But definitely come out to Veet's Fri., Sat. and Sun. when we’ll be filling in for the world famous Family Jewels. Recover from the festivities with more festivities! We'll be joined Fri. and Saturday by Brian Graves on bass guitar. If you don’t know Brian, you should. He’s been a part of some of Mobile’s coolest acts (Day of the Iguana, Ugli Stick, Formerly Known, Breanna and Brian) Andy will be back Sunday from his family vacation in Orlando… come see if he’s wearing his mouse ears.

Thanks again for yawls continued support of the reformed Peek... Let the good times rooolllloooeeoelellllrorlrororlrlllllllolz!

PS. A little birdie told me Day of the Iguana we'll be doing a reunion show at the Brickyard Feb 17.  You don't want to miss that!

Shows, Reforming and what-not 

So I guess it's official. Peek is back together.

I know I said I was gonna go solo and make a record and Andy formed the Redfield and Tim has been playing with Steve Varnes. But what the hey, we're apparently not cut out to be apart! That’s not a bad thing though. When I originally left Peek, I had some personal issues to take care of and things were getting a little stale for me. I thought writing some songs and doing something solo was what I wanted to do. Only I kept thinking "John could write a good lyric here" or "Tim would come up with a great guitar lick on this song". So I'm taking those ideas and bringing them back to Peek. We've been meeting once a week to learn new cover tunes and work on originals. We're currently working on a song about lies and craziness. It's tentatively called "The Confession" and it's coming along nicely. Could there be another album in the works??  oh yeah

Just want to send a quick thanks to all who came out to the Zebra and the Garage to see us play. It was great to see everyone-old friends and new. When I looked out and saw strangers singing the words to "She Dances”, it felt like a big, warm hug from the audience.

Well, that's all for now. Funny how things change in a year's time, eh? Yet really don't change much at all. Thanks for being there for the end, new beginning, new end and new, new beginning! We'll keep the party going as long as we can.